If you know me personally you probably know that I have a web site that I share with a partner. She is a graphic designer. The site is dedicate to, guess what, graphic design. I’m not going to post the address here because this is not a commercial. We have a discussion board, an open gallery where our members can post their work, a chat room and more. We took our time and did our homework until we found a server that we felt would not only fit our needs but had a good track record. Then we researched boards, and galleries and the rest. Every thing on our site was free.

What does all this tell you about me. Yes, correct, I’m cheap. I’m neither poor nor stupid, just cheap. Perhaps frugal is a better word. I do spend money. There are things that I just won’t pay for. For instance, I almost never wear clothing with logos on it. If I do you can bet it’s a Green Bay Packers logo. After more than 20 years in advertising I decided that I am not going to be a walking talking billboard for any one.

My purpose here is not to talk about me, although I’ll bet my millions of readers would like to more about me. Show of hands.                                     Fine.

The subject aujourd’hui is free stuff.

Here’s the truth about the internet.

Once you have selected and paid for a provider, be it a local or cable or DSL or what have you, the rest is free.

For every site that wants you to pay for it, there is a hundred more of the same quality for free.

What are your interests? Photography, fishing, cooking, design, science, history? What? It doesn’t matter. Do a search in your favorite engine. You’ll find it.

In the way of testing this idea, I did Google searches for “painting ants” and “dipping frogs” Try it, you’ll be amazed at how much info is available on those subjects.

Okay, so how about software?

Do you like to edit photographs? Can’t afford Adobe, or Paint Brush? Do a search. You’ll find free, very powerful alternatives. Want a word processor or a spread sheet? Do a search. Free ones are out there. Finding the price tag for 3D Studio Max a bit beyond your reach? Do a search. You will find a lot of free programs out there.

Here’s an example.

This Blog is free. It is, if you do not know, WordPress.

The sewer picture in my banner was made on a free, very powerful 3D modeling, gaming and rendering program called Blender.

My banner was created in a free photo manipulation program called GIMP. GIMP 2 to be specific. Okay I admit it is not the coolest banner on the world wide web but that is more a testament to my abilities that to the software. As I said earlier, my partner is the designer but I don’t bother her with stuff like that. I also write my Blog on a free program called Open Office. However, I guess I could have paid the $400.00 to $500.00 for MS Word so I could type my Blog. I imagine I could have laid out the $500.00 or $600.00 for PhotoShop. I could have forked over the $3900.00 for 3D Studio Max.

I could have created my banner for just under $5000.00. As it turned out I did created it for under $5000.00, way under.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well for one thing it’s a Blog, my Blog and I can write about anything that I’d like. That’s the rule. I also from time to time think a public service announcement is both fun and important. Add to that, some of my (again I’ll round up my estimate of readership) millions of readers may not know about this stuff.

Okay, here is a list of all the free programs I use regularly.

Blender 3D




Avast Anti Virus (which stopped a virus for me as I surfed doing research for this entry)

AML Reg Cleaner



Note Pad ++

Open Office (which includes word processor, spread sheet, data base and more.)

If you found any of this information helpful, well cool. If not, well that’s cool too,

See ya next time when I plan on talking about something else.


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  1. bradley316 Says:

    I also use Avast! Anti-Virus. Been using it for over 5 years now. It is the best free anti-virus program around!

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