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Posted in ORGANIC FOOD on April 24, 2010 by elsdonssewer

I belong to an ever growing group of “enlightened” but increasingly disillusioned people.

I eat healthy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a zealot. I don’t care how other people eat. If you want a steak, knock your self out. If you want to cook your food in animal fat, have at it. If you want to open a can of peas that contains more water and sugar than peas, go for it. As for myself, I don’t eat beef, pork, eggs or dairy products. I do eat fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and soy products. I tend to stay away from carbs that are not whole wheat, multi grain or complex. When ever I can I purchase organic foods. These are choices that I have made.

Here’s the rub. Organic foods cost more than their insecticide ridden counterparts. Why? Let us together analyze this paradox and see if we can answer that question.

I remember when there was a choice of leaded and unleaded gas. For a short while unleaded was less expensive than leaded. The reason, they did not have to add the lead to the gas. Less expensive for the oil companies to make, less expensive the consumer to buy. Then all of a sudden unleaded became more expensive than leaded. The reason. Well, the oil companies never really gave us a reason. Is it possible that it was because there were less and less cars on the road that could use leaded fuel. Could it be that they just raised the prices because they could. Na, that would never happen.

Every day the traditional American farmer (bless his heart) is up before daybreak on his tractor and heading out to tend his fields. Behind him is a cart or wagon or some such implement that will dispense the scheduled insecticide application required for any given field on any given day. The next day they are off to other fields. Their lives are cyclical and laborious. Dawn to dark, day in day out. And everything they spray on their fields costs money. Everything they use to get the insecticide to the fields costs money. The irrigation ditch and the watering systems with their massive gas powered pumps cost money. They have to spend that money every single day.

The organic farmer on the other hand plants his fields. The irrigation ditch and the watering systems with their massive gas powered pumps cost money. That…wait, they don’t spray insecticides on their fields. They do not need a cart or wagon or some such implement that will dispense the scheduled insecticide application required for any given field on any given day. Let me rethink that. Nope, I was right, they don’t spend any money on insecticides and the tools to spray it. Time for another hmm. Hmm. So if it is intrinsically cheaper to grow organic foods should organic foods not be cheaper to buy?

So, well, this has been a fun analysis so far, and I think we have covered a great deal of territory in only a few short sentences.

Now we are back at the leaded unleaded gas dilemma.

We, that ever growing group that I find myself belonging to, are being told that as organic foods catches on and more is produced to satisfy needs of this rapidly growing group that I belong to, the prices will drop until they are at least in line with the not so healthy foods that are produced.

I am so happy. My happiness compels to do the happy dance. I dance for joy around my greener and greener home, but in mid-twirl reality strikes me like an twelve pound organic artichoke thrown from a hybridize 64 GTO at full throttle. Farming is a business. Businesses want to make money. That is their goal. They want to make money so they can continue producing their product so they can make more money.

Wait a minute. Okay farmers and companies. The demand is there, time to make good on the promises. Deliver more organics and we’ll buy all ya got. You can produce and sell more now then ever. You can also reduce the costs to us now. Do this, be true to your word and we will all do the happy dance together. You’ll be making more money and we will eat better. This is wonderful. I believe I’ve solved the problem.

Here’s the reality. It’s never going to happen. We are never going to see prices on our food compete with the others. I understand that. What I don’t understand is why we accept that organic food costs more the non-organic. Is it just me or am I actually making sense here or am I just pissed off?

We, the healthy eaters are being ripped off because we will not eat insecticide laden food. We have made a choice and we stand by that choice.

Here’s why organic food is more expensive. Because we pay it. Those food producers know this to be fact and they will continue to bilk us.

So, what if we quit buying organic food? Who cares. Yes it is a multimillion dollar industry. Yes, right now it is in demand. So I ask again, what if we just quit buying organic. They will just start spraying the fields that have been set aside for organics.

Lets face it folks, we are being bilked.

We are all little Oliver Twist’s asking “Please, sir, may I have some more?” We know full well that we will be beaten but we ask anyway.

Well, I’m going to end this now because you get the point and I am just getting more pissed.