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Posted in SMOKING on December 22, 2010 by elsdonssewer

I smoke cigarettes.

There I said it. I smoke. My roommate smokes as well.

While we do not smoke in the house, we smoke.

We go outside to smoke. We stand under the eaves when it rains; we bundle up in the winter. But, what ever the weather, we smoke. We try not to smoke in public, operative word being try.

I will also tell you that we are trying to quit smoking. We know the hazards, but we continue regardless.

It is not easy to quit smoking. It is in fact, according to my doctor, just as difficult as trying to quit using heroin. While I never used heroin and have no frame of reference as to the difficulties of quitting it, I suspect that it is very hard or my doctor would have used a different analogy.

That having been said, I will also tell you that this entry is not about me or my roommate.

It is about all of us smokers and yes it’s also about you who don’t smoke and make nasty faces or remarks, or even laws when you see someone light up.

Here’s the deal. Smoking is a disease.

Yes you read it right. It’s a disease. We have an addiction just like any of the other weaknesses that are now classified as diseases.

Over eating is a disease. The government tells us so.

Alcoholism is a disease. The government tells us so.

Drug addiction is a disease. The government tells us so.

So, why isn’t smoking classified as a disease?

Instead of telling me that I can’t smoke at work and punishing me if I do, why doesn’t the company get me into some rehab program designed to make me a more productive member of the workforce and society?

I can’t smoke if I’m on a bus but I see lots people eating on busses, and some of that stuff really stinks. I can’t smoke if I’m in a restaurant yet I see a lot corpulent people in line at the all you can eat.

I can’t smoke in a bar but I see people in there fueling their addiction.

My insurance company doesn’t ask me how much I eat. They don’t even ask me what I eat. They don’t seem to care that I stuff myself with fast food for breakfast and lunch and then go home to a 1600 calorie plate of processed food.

They request me neither to tell them that I’m feeding myself a blue plate special at the deli for lunch nor that I try to get in as many martinis that I can in that hour instead.

There are no questions on their application form requiring me to fess up to my average daily cocktail intake. They don’t want to know if I go straight home after work to help around the house or if I head to the local gin mill to quench my thirst with a six pack of cold brews and a big plate of deep fried cheese curds.

I can no longer relax with an after dinner smoke in my local bistro. Why, because of all the whiners out there that; “don’t want to die because of my second hand smoke.” Well I have bad news for you. Going out to eat in a “smoke free” environment on Saturday night doesn’t guarantee a damn thing. Because, you see all those nice people who are not smoking, well they are over eating. They are drinking. They are making sure that their reaction times are diminished because they have eaten too much or have one or two or three to many drinks.

The truth is, you stand a greater chance of getting killed in a car accident on the way home by one of these smoke free folks than you do of contracting cancer from my second hand smoke.

I smoke and I realize that I am slowly killing myself. Do you have a few drinks and tell yourself that you are probably going to die in a car accident on the way home and will in all likelihood take some other people out with you? Do you look at that big chunk of meat on you plate and admit that if you don’t choke on it this time you may well die from the effects of something you ate yesterday? I’ll bet not.

Here’s the real truth. I could go on and on with this and you can either agree or disagree with me. You all have thoughts about smoking (most of them unoriginal), be you a smoker, reformed smoker or someone that has no idea what’s it’s like to smoke let alone to quit smoking. So I am going to end this now, put on my hat and coat and go outside and have a few puffs, and while I’m at it I’ll contemplate January 1, 2011 as that is my newest quitting date.