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Posted in UFOs on March 20, 2010 by elsdonssewer

Let’s start here. UFO means Unidentified Flying Objects. It does not stand for flying saucer. Anything in the sky that can not be identified as a plane, a bird, a cloud, a missile, a kite or whatever is a UFO. Just because you do not recognize it doesn’t mean it’s from Mars.

Okay, here’s the thing. I am not going to try and convince you that there is not now, nor ever will be any life on any of the other planets in the universe. That would just be… well I really don’t know how I would even classify a statement like that. I don’t believe we’re alone, I never have, I never will. To deny the possibilities of life somewhere out there would be, at best, silly. One can not just categorically dismiss the possibility of others. It may not be life as we know it but life is life. It may not be sentient but technically, even stupid is alive. Stupid may even be a life form or it may just be a life style. I don’t know. But I’m not talking about stupid people here. I may devote an entry to that subject in the future. In fact I’m sure I will because I have an opinion on stupidity as well. That having been said I must also add that if you’re thinking you are about to read a pro-UFO/aliens in the night piece disappointment will most surely follow.

What I want to talk about today are the folks that are so certain that we have been visited by extraterrestrials that they have devoted their lives to chasing that shining silver buggy in their perpetually dark sky. Perhaps devoted their life is not the proper term. Actually they seem to have forsaken all else in their never ending quest. Many of them have lost their jobs, their friends and families or worse. I’m not sure what’s worse than loosing ones family but knowing some of my cousins as I do I’m sure there must be something worse to loose. To be fair, many of these folks have created new jobs for themselves either selling “Space Ship” souvenirs in Roswell, or writing books upon books about their or others “experiences” with UFOs. To those of you who support those folks I say stop it. Stop it right now. The chance of your purchases catapulting you into the good graces of any aliens that may show up is slim, even if you kept the receipt.

As an open minded person, I ask only one thing of all you UFO fanatics out there. Prove it. Show me. Convince me. That’s all I ask. Give me some solid evidence that there has ever been an extraterrestrial vehicle anywhere near Mother Earth. Just remember, as you make your attempt to garner my vote don’t show me some grainy photograph or low resolution video taken with a cell phone camera and offer it up as solid proof. You see, I, like you, will recognize the image. I however will recognize it for what it is. Show me a light in the sky and I will see a light in the sky. If you want it to be the tail light of the latest model flying sauce then show me the rest of it. Don’t bother to ask me what on this planet could have made that light and sped away so fast because there are answers to that question. There are. Be prepared to hear those answers. I am prepared to give you the answer, as I see it; however I am also prepared to allow you not to believe me anymore that I believe you. While I’m on the subject of “photographic proof”, do not show me any crop circle pictures, regardless of the clarity of the shot. If you want to go there I will require a photograph of what ever alien that would be evil enough to squish corn, actually squishing corn.

Also, also, also (I’ve said it three times) do not come at me with that queen mother of your reasoning. That Grand Central Station of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that so many of you cling to with your gray latex three fingered glove. Do not tell me that there must be aliens visiting us because the government denies it. Do you have any idea how lame you sound? You can’t prove we are under some sort of extraterrestrial observation so you try to tell me that someone else claims we are not, and that is your proof. Stop. You can’t even tell me that the government just says they have no proof. You have to tell me that they “deny” it. Well that sure makes your argument stronger. (the previous sentence was sarcasm, in case it didn’t play as such on the page)

You can no more prove that the government is lying than you can prove any thing else about the existence of “flying saucers”.

So, please, give me and yourselves a break. Change the record.

So, having said that you may think you know where I stand on this whole UFO thing. Well your first guess is probably right. I’m going to end this entry soon because I’m growing bored with it and I can only imagine that you either are as well or soon will be.

The truth is, I can look at the photographic “evidence” or even find my own light in the sky and say to myself “hmmmm” and ponder momentarily the possibilities that maybe, just maybe what I’m seeing is not from this planet. It’s fun actually to feel that brief surge of adrenaline or excitement that the unknown gives me, gives us as humans. But unless I see the tail gate of a TIE Fighter up there, well, it passes. It passes as quickly as I think I remember the light zipping away and fading into the night.